Dave Margulius On Climate

I’m focused on all aspects of decarbonization and climate. We must go faster on climate, on all fronts. Everybody can get involved; everyone has climate superpowers. Just do something… and if you’re already doing something, thanks and keep going.

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About Me

For several years I’ve been supporting climate action and entrepreneurs, trying to raise awareness on the climate crisis and climate solutions, and help people take action.

Previously I co-founded education software company Quizlet Inc., and was CEO there from 2009-2015. Before that I did things like starting Boston.com for The Boston Globe, working at startups like Netscape and Evite, organizing technology events, and writing about technology for various publications. I grew up in Massachusetts, and live in California now.

If you want to contact me directly, you can do so at dmargulius on gmail (or on LinkedIn).

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